Tesaket (տեսակետ) – is Armenian for “point of view”.

This site is labeled “News and Analysis from Armenia”, and it is intended mainly for audiences outside Armenia. The aim is to provide a comprehensive overview of events shaping the country’s political and social life, both in a way accessible to an outsider and from a perspective different from that of most news agencies and probably other internet resources. This perspective, which by definition does not constitute any standard of objectivity, is nevertheless held above any particular agenda. Still, it remains just that – a perspective – complementing, not overriding facts. Hence the name.

This blog does not claim to cover each and every Armenian news event. Indeed, it is impossible for a single person to provide such coverage. Instead, it constitutes a selection, made (not exclusively) in favor of events that don’t always make it to the headlines or receive sufficient coverage.

You are free to copy or reproduce any information on this site, so long as a basic link and/or line of credit is provided.


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