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Alexander Arzumanyan Released

September 7, 2007

Press reports that former foreign affairs minister, Alexander Arzumanyan, was released from custody yesterday evening. Mr. Arzumanyan  had been detained on charges of money laundering and was being kept in the NSS building for several months. It is worth noting, that very recently a court extended his detention period on ground that if set free he would be able to influence the investigation, however Mr. Arzumanyan was released after the General Attorney’s Office concluded there was no need to keep him in custody.

This comes at a time, when talk of Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s participation in next year’s elections in steadily gathering pace. Mr. Arzumanyan was foreign minister in the first president’s cabinet and his release fits well with rumors of Mr. Ter-Petrosyan’s comeback being staged by the authorities.


High Profile Fight in the Center of Yerevan

August 25, 2007

In an incident several days ago, the bodyguards of Gagik Tsarukyan and Ashot Aghababyan, a republican legislator and owner of a large trade fair, engaged in a fight in the center of Yerevan. This appears to be the result of an argument around what has been described as “inappropriate parking”. Reports in the media claim that the fight went on for around twenty minutes, with police having arrived, but failing to intervene. It is also reported, that President Robert Kocharyan’s chief of security, Grisha Sarkisyan, arrived at the scene, and mediated an end to the fighting.

Spokespeople for Mr. Aghababyan and Bargavach Hayastan (the party led by Mr. Tsarukyan) have denied the incident, with reports from Mr. Aghababyan’s side going as far as to claim, that he and his bodyguards were absent from the country at the time of the incident.

According to speculation this latest incident is a follow up to other cases involving Mr. Tsarukyan’s security force. In particular, earlier this month, two of his bodyguards were detained in connection to the killing of a Russian officer serving in Armenia, after it was found, that the weapon used in the incident, was registered to Mr. Tsarukyan’s Multi Group.

Independent examination appears to confirm official version

June 26, 2007

Aravot published some short excerpts from the examination results of Levon Gulyan’s body. Although the document is still not fully translated, the newspaper obtained parts of it containing the conclusions made as to the reason of Gulyan’s death. From what is available it appears that the independent examination generally confirms the official examination results, in that Gulyan died as result of a fall to the ground. The commission also observed some injuries which appear to have been inflicted before the fall, however no connection was found between them and Gulyan’s death.

It was widely believed that the independent examination’s results would confirm Gulyan’s relatives’ claims that he was beaten to death in the police headquarters and only then thrown down from a window, in an attempt to conceal the police’s guilt. The police claim that Gulyan fell either committing suicide, or in an attempt to flee the police headquarters, where he was being questioned. Investigations are still ongoing and indictments are still possible as the Armenian criminal code contains an article on “Driving a person to suicide”.

Levon Gulyan’s examination results arrive

June 22, 2007

A1plus reports that the results of the examination of the body of Levon Gulyan, made shortly after his death by a commission of independent medical experts from Europe, have finally reached Yerevan. The results were due several days after the experts left Yerevan, however they failed to arrive for almost a month, giving way to speculation around the issue.

No details are being given yet about the commission’s conclusions. It appears that the public will have to wait a few more days before the 17 page document is translated.

Arson attempt on opposition candidate’s house

May 31, 2007

On May 28th an arson attempt was made on the apartment of Larisa Paremurzyan, a former candidate for the opposition Armenian National Party. Fire was set to Mrs. Paremurzyan’s front door by means of a burning car tire. The former candidate later said, that she suspects Karen Saribekyan, her former opponent to whom she lost the election race in Alaverdi, as being behind the incident.

The murderers rank higher than previously thought?

May 27, 2007

Aravot Daily quotes sources in the Police as saying that existing allegations of Hovik Tamamyan’s guilt in the death of Levon Gulyan are false, suggesting rather that the people behind the incident are even higher ranking police officials.

Levon Gulyan was found dead on the 12th of May in the internal yard of the Police Headquarters in Yerevan. The police claim that Gulyan, who at the time was being questioned in the Police building on a recent murder case, died as result of a fall after either attempting suicide or trying to flee through a window. There is much disbelief surrounding the official version, with public opinion holding the police, and Deputy Chief for Criminal Investigations Hovik Tamamyan in particular, accountable for beating Gulyan to death and subsequently throwing him out of the window in an attempt to conceal their guilt.