Protest in Yerevan over Construction in Park

A protest action was held by a group of NGO-s in the city center where a huge construction pit has emerged. Authorities so far have claimed not knowing who was responsible for this pit and were even forced to declare the construction works illegal. Around one or two hundred people collected for an action which involved symbolic dropping of earth into the pit in an attempt to “bury” it.

The issue of destruction of green zones has for several years been a pressing one, after
multiple cafes were and are continued to be built in parks, pushing back green areas and and filling them with concrete. This last incident was however outrageous by the scale of the construction and forced action by the civil society.


3 Responses to “Protest in Yerevan over Construction in Park”

  1. tiramisu Says:

    Why not post some of your photos?! 🙂

  2. Oneworld Multimedia :: Notes from the Armenian Blogosphere :: July :: 2007 Says:

    […] this event and Zarchka at Life Around Me also posts an account as does The Armenian Observer and Tesaket. Tirami Su posts some more images from what must be one of the smallest but most photographed […]

  3. HayMtavorakan Says:

    When I visited Washington, D.C. last year, I’ve noticed a small, cozy early-20th century dwelling house with a beautiful backyard when walking along M Street in Washington’s Georgetown district. I’ve become amazed and slightly envious of how caringly the municipal authorities have preserved this sole piece of an “old” Washington.

    Not being an architect by training, I think that when a capital of a nation state, or any city or town for that matter, is being renovated, the process and outcome of renovation depends for the most part on the level of professionalism, maturity, public-spiritedness, open-mindedness, and artistic culture of the national elite. In case of the construction boom in Yerevan, what outcome can we possibly expect from a ruling provincial Karabakhi clan and their nouveaux rich brown-nosers? Of course, Europhile or American-style concrete glass buildings untypical for the entire panorama and unique architectural design of Yerevan, built on the sites of destroyed old buildings after throwing impoverished people out.

    For narrow-minded, self-centered, and profit-oriented municipal and state rulers, most of them are not even Yerevatsis but have come from remote villages of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, demolition of architectural history of the city is much easier, and less costly, that conservation. In this context, the destruction of the Youth Palace, among many older buildings, so dear to every Yerevantsi has accentuated the sheer idiocy, intrinsic provincialism, and unruly wealth hunger of the unelected, unpopular elite.

    I hope that one day, with God’s help, these elites, who are being hated by the overwhelming majority of Armenians, too will be demolished the way they desecrate the beautiful face of my beloved city.

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