ARF not joining coalition but keeping most of it’s power

A coalition agreement was finally signed yesterday between the Republican Party and Prosperous Armenia (Bargavach Hayastan). The ARF (Dashnakcutyun) did not sign to a coalition government. Instead it signed a cooperation agreement allowing it to retain three of it’s four ministerial portfolios.

When the election results came in the ARF immediately declared that it had no desire to form a superficial part of the government, making some believe that it might become opposition. As talks progressed information came out about the ARF’s interest in one of power structures and the Republicans’ willingness to hand over such a portfolio in exchange for the ARF’s support of Serge Sargsyan in the 2008 presidential elections. However, the ARF had previously declared that it is to put forward it’s candidate for the presidential race. Yesterday, with the signing of these two documents, Armen Rustamyan from the ARF confirmed this decision.

The RPA has a de-facto majority in parliament, however it should not wish to alienate itself from the major parties and especially the ARF, especially with presidential elections ahead


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