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Former Opposition Members to Join Republicans

May 31, 2007

Aravot reports rumors that Samvel Balasanyan, previously a prominent member of the Orinats Erkir (Country of Law) party is to join the ruling Republican Party. Mr. Balasanyan , who has in the past been quoted stating his loyalty to the OE party in pretentious terms,  recently left the party. This came as a surprise both to party members and voters alike.

The newspaper also suggests that Martin Grigoryan, the only representative of the recently formed Dashink (Alliance) party to make it into parliament is to join the Republican Party.


Arson attempt on opposition candidate’s house

May 31, 2007

On May 28th an arson attempt was made on the apartment of Larisa Paremurzyan, a former candidate for the opposition Armenian National Party. Fire was set to Mrs. Paremurzyan’s front door by means of a burning car tire. The former candidate later said, that she suspects Karen Saribekyan, her former opponent to whom she lost the election race in Alaverdi, as being behind the incident.

The murderers rank higher than previously thought?

May 27, 2007

Aravot Daily quotes sources in the Police as saying that existing allegations of Hovik Tamamyan’s guilt in the death of Levon Gulyan are false, suggesting rather that the people behind the incident are even higher ranking police officials.

Levon Gulyan was found dead on the 12th of May in the internal yard of the Police Headquarters in Yerevan. The police claim that Gulyan, who at the time was being questioned in the Police building on a recent murder case, died as result of a fall after either attempting suicide or trying to flee through a window. There is much disbelief surrounding the official version, with public opinion holding the police, and Deputy Chief for Criminal Investigations Hovik Tamamyan in particular, accountable for beating Gulyan to death and subsequently throwing him out of the window in an attempt to conceal their guilt.